Darkboom is an abandoned project

Darkboom was half completed back in 2007, and then largely abandoned.

What is Darkboom?

Darkboom is software under development by Alan Hogan.  It’s called Darkboom because it is a quick (boom!) digital darkroom.

Darkboom is an image tool for webmasters
Darkboom will let people with websites quickly upload, resize, generate thumbnails for, and create XHTML for any number of images – in three easy steps.
Darkboom is easy to install
Darkboom will run on PHP5 and depends on GD2, a very common extension to PHP that you probably already have. Darkboom installs painlessly, getting you from zero to using images via a password-protected, easy interface in two minutes.
Darkboom is intelligent, yet configurable
Darkboom includes many features that stay out of your way but help you get work done:
  1. It won’t overwrite existing images (unless it’s OK with you)
  2. Upload ZIP files or as many images as you want at a time
  3. Painlessly generates HTML and BBCode to paste anywhere, with your new thumbnail and a link to a larger size
  4. It doesn’t care whether your images are in GIF, PNG, JPEG, or whatever (depends on GD2)
  5. You can create a username and password in thirty seconds out-of-the-box, but if you want to, you could tie the login functionality to your existing CMS (Content Management System).

That’s Darkboom.

Hopefully I have cleared up the project, and you are as excited for it as I am.

Thanks for reading,

Alan J. Hogan